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How to Achieve a Modern Minimal Look

You’ve likely heard the term “minimalism,” but what does it mean when it comes to your interiors, and is less really more? Minimalism is a design movement that focuses on simplicity. This popular aesthetic first catapulted to fame in the late 1960s and has been around ever since, in one form or another. Characterized by clean lines, a neutral monochromatic colour palette and the bare essentials, minimalism can be soothing and elegant when done correctly. However, the basic, utilitarian principles that guide this look can quickly turn cold and clinical – not something most people want for their home. Here are some tips to achieve a modern, minimalist look

Regardless of your preferred aesthetic, the first step is to declutter or edit your home. It’s incredible how much visual space your “stuff” occupies, and even more mind-boggling when you consider how much of it you don’t ever use or even want. Get rid of anything that is unused, broken, that you have multiples of, or that doesn’t actually serve a specific purpose for you. Living like a minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of everything; it just means being very selective in your choices.

TIP: Modern minimalists live and die by the “one in, one out” rule. For every new piece that you bring into your home, remove one old piece. By doing this, you will ensure your that home doesn’t get overrun with stuff ever again.

By means of the above process, you’ll hopefully have removed, re-homed and recycled a lot of your stuff and are left with only the best of the best. You’ll also likely have to get a few new items, so always keep the modern-minimalist aesthetic in mind. Less is more, and choose quality over quantity. Opt for pieces featuring simple, straight lines, keep your surfaces clear and your shelves uncluttered.

Now that you have a clean and neutral backdrop, warm it up by layering in a variety of textures and even a pop of colour. Think upholstery, wallpaper, and materials such as wood, metals, tile and stone. The idea behind minimalism isn’t to remove every hint of personality, but just to incorporate it with careful measure. Details like these offer visual interest and character, and without them your home risks looking cold and impersonal.

TIP: Choose simple window coverings such as sheers or blinds, or where privacy isn’t a concern, consider omitting them entirely. This will enhance the simple aesthetic you’re aiming for in your home, while letting more natural light into the space.

The “modern minimalist” aesthetic is as much about the look as it is about the lifestyle. It is sleek and sophisticated, but it requires a sustained effort in order to maintain it. Think light and don’t buy things on a whim. You’ll find you never needed that much “stuff” in the first place.

The outcome is something we can all appreciate – simplicity, space and some breathing room.

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